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Available EverReady Australian Shepherds


Download the Application and save it on your computer. Open it from your computer before filling out the form, then save it before you close it. Email the completed form to

EverReady Puppies

Occasionally we breed a litter of puppies, carefully planned to conform to the quality and breed standard as defined by the Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA) and the American Kennel Club (AKC). We plan them to be intelligent and able to do what the breed is meant to do, physically and mentally sound. The parents of the puppies will have proven their quality and passed many health tests to avoid any genetic problems in their offspring. Each parent is chosen for their physical and mental soundness, and how they compliment one another's strengths and weaknesses.

We are protective of our puppies. We ensure each puppy we produce is sold only to a loving, committed home. We do our best to ensure a good match between the personality of the prospective owners and the puppy. Before they go to their new home, they grow up in ours where we care for, evaluate and socialize them. Every puppy receives love, play time and individual attention. Even so, a new puppy is not a fully trained, well-mannered adult. They will have accidents, get into mischief and need loving owners to finish the job we've started. We expect new owners to be responsible for developing the puppy's personality through structured discipline, training, guidance and most of all, love. We'll keep in close contact and be available to help you as you become part of the EverReady family.

Although we'll consider the applicant's preference for color and gender, puppies are evaluated for a wide variety of traits to help us match them with new owners. Temperament, natural instinct and suitability for the activities you plan to do with your dog are more important than color.

Because too many Aussies end up in rescue situations, our puppies are sold as Limited Registration. If the dog is bred, the offspring will not be recognized or be registerable by the ASCA, CKC or AKC. Under special circumstances and with outstanding puppies we will agree to lift the Limited Registration, allowing the dog to be bred if certain criteria are met. Puppies sold as companions are required to be spayed or neutered without exception.

We firmly believe in the ASCA Code of Ethics and abide by the ASCA Rules and Regulations.

Getting an EverReady Puppy

  1. First, we need to get to know each other. You'll complete an application to help us get started knowing you, your experience and expectations. After we review your application, we'll talk by phone, correspond by email or meet in person. The application is not a contract or guarantee that you'll be able to purchase a puppy. There are no right or wrong answers on the form, either.
  2. When we have a litter planned, we'll notify you. If you are still interested in a pup, we'll accept a deposit from you. The deposit ensures you will be considered as a prospective home, but we reserve the right to place or not place a puppy with you for any reason. The order in which your deposit is received will determine the rder in which you will be allowed to pick your puppy from those suitable for your interests. In the event we don't place a puppy with you, we'll refund your deposit or apply it to a future litter.
  3. If we decide to place a puppy with you, we'll give you a list of proper equipment and supplies to get to prepare for the homecoming.
  4. Each puppy goes home with an information packet on training and puppy care, copies of a sign sales agreement and copies of registration papers, health records and other information helpful for starting life with a new puppy.